The Tozeur airport is less than 3 hours away from Europe. It opens the doors to the desert and the oases. It constitutes an invaluable break during gray and wet seasons. Tozeur, southern capital, shall transport you away with its atmosphere. Houses with clay bricks, mats with relief patterns that evoke stylized palm trees and hundreds of thousands of trees are home to the residents.

The city is a celebration of South ingenuity, both dry and generous. The walls preserve heat and millennia irrigation systems produce the " Deglet Nour "date whose sweet translucent flesh is so near transparent that you can see the stone.

Hospitable and creative, the South is the birthplace of many poets. Tozeur offers quality tourism. Here you will find luxury hotels , atypical units and Recreation centres. The Chraiet museum recreates daily scenes of the area. The zoo is home to local animal species. Tozeur even has a grassed golf course.

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