The capital of southern Berber, located 110 km away from Djerba, is an ideal base for exploring the region and its villages. It is above all, a lively hub boosted by an agriculture based on cereals and olive trees, but also a commercial hub, thanks to its proximity to neighbouring Algeria and Libya. Its twice-weekly market attracts locals and Tunisians from outside town, who find baskets, fabrics and Berber jewelery. It is also a historical setting, when the city was home to the battalion of the foreign legion, the famous "Bat Af."

In its surroundings, in the shape of a star, are the ksours , villages clinging to the rocks , which merge with them. Dwellings carved into the walls and fortified grain silo in the heart of the village, testify to the ingenuity of people to maintain their integrity and their wealth against the threat of invasion. Douiret, Ghomrassen, Ksar Ouled Soltane, Ksar Ezzahra and the most famous of them, Ksar Haddada, which served as the backdrop to the filming of the fourth installment of the saga "Star Wars", trace a route to eternity.

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