Capital of the South, located at approximately 260 Km southeastern of Tunis, Sfax is the heartbeat of the Tunisian economy through its industries and its port which provides an important part of Tunisia trade transactions. This economic space was built over the centuries and that since the Romans.

From the Aghlabide time (9th century), Sfax, like other major cities of the country, has witnessed the construction of the Arab Town. This town has welcomed since the 17th century, Maltese, Jewish, Italian, Andalusian, Arab and native inhabitants. Sfax became a multicultural city. This multiculturalism is noticed in some traditions and in its specific dishes.

Architecturally, Sfax is rich in monuments built in the art nouveau, art deco and neo Moorish, bordering its Medina. Sfax is also known for its refined pastry, orgeat syrup and a unique olive oil taste.