Located 200 km from the capital Tunis, Mahdia is a coastal city that has experienced in recent decades a real development of tourism.

The name of Mahdia goes back to the Fatimid Caliph, Oubaidallah EL MAHDI (909-934) who, after the fall of Aghlabid (909), changed the seat of power. Indeed, Mahdia has taken the place of Kairouan as capital. He built port, palaces, mosques and walls. The architectural and decorative style of these buildings created a new school in the Islamic world which will be called the Fatimid style. Characterized in particular by the figurative representation, this style reached its peak especially in Egypt.

Today, Mahdia’s role is mainly touristic. The hotels and the beauty of its coast make it an attraction for many tourists who seek peaceful vacations and a chance to visit ruins dating from Roman times until the arrival of the Arabs.

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