Heritage city located about 50 kilometers away from Sousse , Kairouan has a sacred and incomparable artisan touch. An almost obligatory tour. You will be charmed by this white city and its medina. The residents are known for their legendary hospitality. Considered the fourth holiest city in Islam it houses a venerated mosque, the tomb of the prophet, mausoleums, and a pool of the ninth century aghlabides, which testify to the magnificence of its past. Kairouan has the most famous carpets of the country, made ​​of thick wool, which feature diamond patterns. The visit of countless workshops and shops are traditionally accompanied by mint tea tasting, and its famous pastry, the "Makroudh", is offered during the presentation of the finest specimens of local crafts. The greediest of you can visit countless delicious pastry shops offering this speciality, made ​​of semolina and honey, dates, almonds or sesame seeds.

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