Carthage is a Tunisian city founded by the Phoenicians. It is located in the northeast of Tunis. This city was founded in 814 by Didon (Elyssa). It is located about 3 kilometers away from Sidi Bou Said, 11 kilometers outside Rades and 15 kilometers from Tunis. Touring Carthage can be done in several steps. The sites can be visited in any given order, a single ticket giving you access to all the monuments. Even though you need a certain imagination to be able to fully admire it, the Punic port, source of commercial wealth of the ancient city, is worth a visit. It is spherical, and you shall clearly see its central island. At the archaeological museum, you can admire its original appearance, and the whole reality of the Carthaginian splendor.

The Phoenician past emerges from the ruins located by the sea, where several necropolises can be found, while the Roman heritage is reflected in the Antonine Baths, at the time, the largest of the African continent, and in the villas on the Birsa hill, with their splendid view reflecting the judicious choice of the conquerors. The Tophet, district of Salammbô, where child sacrifices were practiced, recalls rites of varied explanations.

You shall end on a high note with the discovery of the Roman amphitheater. Carthage, divided in several places, is one of the major tours for visitors to the capital. On the hills, the Byrsa cathedral, turned into a museum, is where king Saint Louis died, on his way back from a crusade.

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