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Conferences & Meetings in Tunisia

Tunisia is endowed with superb Conferences & Meetings facilities capable of accommodating all sorts of happenings ranging from private, small meetings, cozy gatherings and lavish special occasions to full-month seminars. Our experienced conference organizer team is ready to listen and take the time to help you with your needs from A to Z. From renting rooms, hotel rooms to accommodate your seminar participants, multimedia equipment, secretarial services, etc.

Barclay’s Group Travel has all the solutions to ensure the preparation and the logistics of your event with a team that has the mission to meet all your needs.


Tours and Evening Activities

  • Organization of Partner Programs
  • Organization of all social events for the congress (dinners, banquets, etc.)
  • Organization of Pre and Post Congress Tours
  • Contacts with the local Tourism Board for support of the congress

Travel and Transport

  • Organization of airport welcome desk
  • Negotiating with airlines for Official Carriers
  • Organization of local bus transport between hotels/congress centre/airport


  • Coordination of hostess services
  • Coordination of security
  • Coordination of catering staff

Congress Suppliers

  • Coordination of all catering for the congress
  • Coordination with all possible suppliers of the congress

Congress Centre

  • Negotiation with the congress center with regard to bookings and arrangements to be made
  • Set-up and contract signature once approved by the congress committee.
  • Signage preparation and decoration (flowers, napping etc.)

Equipment and Translation Services

  • Working out all technical requirements: digital systems, speech systems, hi-tech vocal systems, broadcast sound, stage and lighting …
  • Maintenance of technical equipment by highly qualified technical staff
  • Translation and interpretation services for all kind of events


  • Providing the necessary information to be included in the First Announcement and Preliminary Program
  • Printing of the congress program and abstract book to be delivered in the congress bags
  • Filling out the congress bags with all printed materials


  • Providing costs estimates for all the above services
  • To pay the deposits from the suppliers


  • Making the arrangements for the exhibition with regard to shipment of booths, storage of goods, decoration, power supply, internet access, outlining the exhibition, etc…
  • Supervision of technical matters (connections to the electricity grid, water supply, telephone, etc.)
  • Decoration of the exhibition area (plants, flowers, carpets, etc.)
  • Outlining of the exhibition area and indication of the company names on the floor
  • Coordination of all deliveries for companies (chairs, tables, decoration, spotlights, complete booths, etc.) in collaboration with an exhibition handling company
  • Invoicing the companies for all materials ordered during the congress

Our Partners offer a wide range of audiovisual equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Video projector:

  • The projector is the source of all of your presentations hence its choice is IMPORTANT!
  • Weight, power, resolution, connectors, purpose, options…we have a park that varies Projector 1200 lumens up to 10,000 lumens.

Projection Screen:

  • 4m x 3m canvas panel or rear projection
  • 3m x 2m canvas panel or rear projection
  • 2.5m X 2.5m canvas panel or rear projection
  • 1.8m x 1.8m canvas face and etc…

White board & Paper board:

  • Whiteboard with fixed or mobile support;
  • Paperboard with tripod.

Video Distribution:

  • Amazing image quality in a small footprint;
  • Flat screens are available now in two technologies:
  • PLASMA for large size and brightness
  • LCD for ease of use

Qualified personnel:

  • Webmaster
  • Graphic Designer
  • Computer Technician
  • Sound Stage Manager
  • Sound technician
  • Light Technician
  • Photographer & Videographer