Special Interest Tours


Special Interest Tours

Tourist  milestones in Tunisia range from the capitols of Dougga and Sbeitla to the colosseum of El Jem; from The Bardo museum which is home of the world’s largest collection of mosaics to the Ghriba which is the world’s oldest Jewish synagogue in Djerba;  from the Zitouna mosque in Tunis, one of the leading academic sites in the Arab-Muslim world to Kairouan, the fourth holiest city in the Muslim world whose academies of medicine and geometry were renowned; from marble inlay-work to zelij decor inspired by the Andalucíans;  from wooden decors to the Turkish Chechia; from Italian inspired facades to the fabulous Jewish  jewelry; from  the art of carpet weaving to pottery. The oasis, desert, dunes, mosques, caves… are just some of the captivating sights you’ll encounter  on a tour of Tunisia. In this country there is certainly something for every taste.


Considered as one of the oldest countries in the Mediterranean, the various conquests of Tunisia were as productive as they were destructive, making Tunisia a vibrant multicolored country where peace and quiet cannot hide a vital love of life.

Roman and Punic archaeological sites can be visited in Carthage and other historic areas around the country. They include second century Roman temple in Dougga, the Phoenician port of Utica, Sbeitla's Roman temples and arches, Bulla Regia's Roman villas and El Jem's Coliseum, which is second only to Rome’s.

The Bardo Museum, near Tunis, boasts for the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world.



Tunisia is more than ever a cultural capital: Don’t miss the summer festivals in Carthage, Hammamet, Kelibia, El Djem, Tabarka, all are celebrations of culture and art.

Tunisia has a film industry that scores one success after another; the "Carthage Film festival” is a reference point for Arab and African artists working in the film and theater industry.

Tunisia will seduce you, and by choosing one of our well planned and researched tours you will discover a culture without artifact!

Via Carthage, Sbeitla, Kelibia, Matmata, Djerba, Tabarka, via towns and villages, streets and regions, domes and arches, smiles and glances, you will be immersed into the memory of the country that represents in the most powerful way the history of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy the delight and enchantment of Tunisian markets and souks, hammams and cafes, traditional cooking and mint tea, each event being a little celebration and joy in itself, in this country where hospitality, generosity and openness of spirit are innate.



Barclay’s Group Travel is setting high standards in the Tunisia desert. We organize very unique excursions and circuits (mini-safaris), incentives operations, and dinners. We offer a wide range of activities: cultural tours, thematic excursions, sports, specialized tours, etc. We invite you to taste various cuisines under the tents while listening to the traditional flute, go for a walk in the oasis, dance to the wild rhythms of Tunisian folklore and discover the costumes of the arts and the popular traditions.